I first became interested in painting while in college. During my 15
years as a professional model, it became ever so clear that I had a brain that was sorely underused. So, at 30 something I went off to college with all the not-anywhere-near 30 something year olds. After several long commuting years to East Texas State University, I enthusiastically developed the talents of a Graphic Designer and the liberating expressions of a painter.

After graduating from college, I found a small painting studio, got a
job and started using my newly trained brain. My first design job was working for Neiman Marcus and later moving to David Carter Design Studio in Dallas. All the while keeping my painting studio and painting during my free time, and desperately wanting to find out how to make a living as a painter. Well...I'm still working on that one, but it is closer than it has ever been.

Ten years after I first held an artist paintbrush in my hands I now
work for myself. I have quality time in my painting studio often and I do a little less graphic design work. For now, it feels like a pretty good mix of both worlds.

For me, painting is a personal allegory and somewhat difficult to put
into words. Painting has always been a form of self discovery and a form of personal expression. My emotional state, along with my muse, always
manifests itself on canvas. My latest works express some of the happiest
days I've known for sometime and I have discovered that some other
people like what I have to say. In the process of painting I have found my true self, my blessing and patrons that support my creativity.

Thank you.